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Code Translator

Description:Free Code Translation VB.NET and C# and TypeScript

WebChart Control

Description:Free Chart Control for ASP.NET and WinForms

Windows Live Writer Code Colorizer Plugin

Description:Free Tool to Colorize Code in HTML or RTF

IIS 7 MRU Module

Description:IIS Manager 7 Module to extend it to show the most recently used tasks in the task panel.


Description:Free Tool to Colorize Code in HTML or RTF

IIS 7 Reports

Description:IIS 7 Reports Module


Description:XGrid is an Internet Explorer Behavior that allows you to write tables that are dynamic, offering things like sorting, paging and filtering without requiring anything in the server side. Actually this can be used in simple HTML scenarios where no connectivity at all is required

X-Map Editor

Description:Free Editor for creating Html Maps


Description:This library allows you to generate Excel Xml Workbooks.


Description:DbDiagrams is an add-in for the latest version of WebMatrix, that allows you to generate diagrams for different databases including Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access.

Forum Colorizer

Description:Free Tool to Colorize posts for www.asp.net


Description:UmlDiagrams is an application for generating UML Diagrams for source code and assemblies.

Drawing Board

Description:Generic engine, WinForms control for diagram generation

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