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DbDiagrams for WebMatrix

DbDiagrams is an add-in for the latest version of WebMatrix, that allows you to generate diagrams for different databases including Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access.
This is how the DbDiagrams window looks like:
DbDiagrams window
Figure 1: DbDiagrams window.

Free Download:

Please send any comments to dbdiagrams@carlosag.net.

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How to Use

To use the Add-In you first need to register it in WebMatrix.

Register the Add-In

  • Launch Matrix from “StartàProgramsàMicrosoft ASP.NET Web MatrixàASP.NET Web Matrix”
  • Select the option “Organize Add-ins…” from the Tools menu
  • In the Select Components dialog, click the “Browse…” button and search for the DbDiagrams.dll. Click Ok. Click Ok.
  • Back in the ”Organize Add-ins”, you will see the add-in that was just registered. Select the checkbox to make this add-in available from the Tools menu.
  • By this time, you should have a new option inside the Tools menu that shows the "Database Diagram".

Launching the Add-In

To start using the Add-In, you first need to be in a Table document. What this means is that first you need to open a database table in Matrix for the Add-In to enable.

Adding a new Database Connection to WebMatrix

Open WebMatrix and in the Solution Explorer, select the "Data" Tab.
Click the "Add Database Connection" button at the top of this window.

In the "Add new Project" dialog selec the type of database you want to connect to.
In this case we will connect to SQL Server.

In the "Connect to Database" dialog, specify the settings for your connection.
Click Ok.

Back in the Data Explorer, expand until the tables are shown.
Double click on any of the tables. This will enable the "Database Diagram" menu.

At this point click on the Tools menu, and you will see the option "Database Diagram" enabled.
Select this.


  • Show Grid:Displays a grid so you can align easier the shapes
  • Snap To Grid:Makes the shapes align to the grid to facilitate the layout of the shapes
  • Save:Allows you to save the diagram as image (jpg, bmp, gif, png, tif, etc)
  • Zoom:Allows you to change the zoom of the current view
  • Layout Tables:Arranges the tables automatically
  • Show DataTypes:Shows/Hides the datatypes of the columns
  • Refresh:Regenerates the diagram
  • Add Tables:Allows you to add tables not shown in the diagram
  • Remove Table:Allows you to remove the selected tables from diagram
  • Print:Prints the diagram
  • Print:Allows you to specify the page settings for the printer


  • No additional requirements. If WebMatrix database functionality works, this works

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