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XGrid is an Internet Explorer Behavior that allows you to write tables that are dynamic, offering things like sorting, paging and filtering without requiring anything in the server side. Actually this can be used in simple HTML scenarios where no connectivity at all is required.


Some of the features that this behavior support are:
  • Displaying any XML document
  • Automatic support for Sorting and Paging
  • Filtering support using XPath
  • 100% customizable using CSS Styles
  • Support for XML islands
  • Programmatic Access to Sorting/Pages/Filtering/Selecting
  • Direct mapping between rows and nodes in the xml
  • Events like onclick and others
  • Alternating Row Styles
  • Highlighting Rows
  • Row Selection
  • Different Column Styles (button,link,text, checkbox)
  • Programmatic Access to Nodes
  • Multiple XML attributes in one column
  • You can reload table content dynamically without reloading the page
  • No XML/XSLT knowledge required
  • And more...


This is a new sample on how to create/edit data using XGrid
Click here to see a sample of the XGrid

How to Use

It is as simple as using the behavior in HTML.
<Web:Grid id="Grid" XMLData="Data" XPath="/DATA/AUTHORS"  border=2 OverFlow="Scroll" PageSize=15 PageLinks=true OnRowClick="ShowPhone" AllowRowSelection=true
      <Web:Column Width="120px" Caption="ID" XPath="@au_id" />
      <Web:Column Caption="Last Name" XPath="@au_lname" />
      <Web:Column Caption="First Name" XPath="@au_fname" />
      <Web:Column Width="50px" Caption="State" XPath="@state" />
      <Web:Column Width="150px" Caption="City/Zip" XPath="@city;@zip" Separator="/" />
Note: that this is not ASP.NET code that requires the server, this is plain HTML that can be run from any .htm file locally, this is using the coolest thing that IE has (my personal point of view :) which is Behaviors.

To use it programmatically

<script language="VBScript">
      Sub SortByColumn()
            Grid.SortByColumn CInt(InputBox("Column Number"))
      End Sub
      Sub MovePageBy(interval)
            Grid.CurrentPage=Grid.CurrentPage + interval
      End Sub
      Sub ReadSelected()
            Dim node
            Set node = Grid.SelectedNode
            If node Is Nothing = False Then Msgbox Grid.SelectedNode.xml
      End Sub
      Sub ShowPhone()
            spPhone.innerText= "Phone Number Is:" & window.event.returnValue.getAttribute("phone")
      End Sub
      Sub window_onload()
      End Sub
      Sub FilterByState()
            Dim strState
            strState = UCASE(InputBox("State?"))
            if strState="" Then
                  Grid.XPath="/DATA/AUTHORS[@state='" & strState & "']"
            End If
      End sub

I promise I will upload a decent help file with all the properties, methods and events, but I'm tired today ;)

Download Sample and Source Code

For a complete HTML sample: Check this URL

To download the HTML Sample: Click here to download the Sample Number of Downloads: <%= string.Format("{0}", Globals.Downloads["XGridSample.zip"]) %>

Download Source Code

Click here to download the Source code of XGrid Number of Downloads: <%= string.Format("{0}", Globals.Downloads["XGridSource.zip"]) %>


Internet Explorer 5.0 or Later.

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